Author Topic: Select cameras inside a shape polygon and move them to another  (Read 226 times)


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I need a script similar to the one posted on the link below:

But with a difference, depending on the shapes select only the cameras inside the polygon and Copy to a new chunk the selected ones, and consider a margin of 10 to 20% of the shape and copy the images close to the edge of the external side.

I understand that copying the photos to a new chunk is correct because the photos that are internal will be for the shape parallel to the external ones and vice versa, there are cases that some polygons intersect.

It is important to note that these images have not yet been aligned as in the post above.

And after the photos separated by chunk create a correlated list to be able to move the photos to the folders of the respective shapes.

This is because I have more than hundreds of shapes and some with 20 photos and others with more than 200 photos in a mix of flights of the drones interspersed over several days, and not all are processed for that moment.

If anyone can give me a light, I would be extremely grateful for the help!

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