Author Topic: High-resolution photos unnecessary if only using medium quality for processing?  (Read 1984 times)


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Hello -- in a previous thread, Alexey explained that selecting 'medium quality' during photo alignment and dense cloud generation equates to making the photos lower-resolution, by the following factors:

For matching accuracy the correspondence should be the following:
Highest = 0
High = 1
Medium = 2
Low = 4
Lowest = 8

For depth maps quality:
Ultra = 1
High = 2
Medium = 4
Low = 8
Lowest = 16

Basically, the value defines the downscaling factor by each side applied to original image. The only exception is Highest matching accuracy, where the images are upscaled by two times by each side.

So am am wondering, if I use 'medium quality' for both steps, is there any point in capturing my photos with such high resolution? Is the original-resolution photo used for any purpose in the point cloud workflow? Or could I just capture my photos at a lower resolution (say 1/2 the resolution in x and y dimensions) and then use the 'high quality' setting instead?

Thank you in advance!


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I think you'll find that is the case.

However, there may be factors I'm not aware of.

Alexey Pasumansky

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Hello dyoung,

If you are not interested in texture, tiled model or orthomosaic generation, then you can lower the image acquisition resolution, if you never use High accuracy alignment or Ultra quality depth maps generation.
Best regards,
Alexey Pasumansky,
Agisoft LLC


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Great--thank you.