Author Topic: include breaklines (polylines) in meshing process || or useful workaround  (Read 1189 times)


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Hello guys  :)

i'd like to create a mesh (mainly along sidewalk and road surface) while forcing the triangle creation to stick to pre-defined breaklines.

I really would like to do this in Metashape directly, but there doesn't seem to be a way to include breaklines into the meshing process.
And even if it would work in Metashape another issue comes the "rounded edges" "photogrammetric curve"

Two questions related to this:

1) Do you know any improvements of Metashape with regard to this?
2) Do you have any recommendations for any other workflow?

Thanks a lot, guys.

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Instant meshes allow you to paint flow lines before retopology. If I remember there was option to load point cloud(experimental feature? ) in PLY format and create mesh from it.
In other softwares like zbrush/3dcoat/... you can also have control of mesh flow, but no option to load pointcloud data, only mesh.

In regards rounded edges you need to create better pointcloud...take more photos of the curbs from different angles to have sharper shapes.