Author Topic: Key point question - reset current alignment changed? (1.8.4 network processing)  (Read 61 times)


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I reset an aligned project (~16k images) after correcting an error in image positions, by selecting "reset alignment",  zeroing out the adjusted camera calibration parameters, and resetting the transform (trying to be thorough so I didn't corrupt camera models with previous alignment).

I was (pleasantly) surprised when I realigned, and matching completed very quickly (minutes instead of hours). It was clear that key points were saved, rather than regenerated, and I'm curious how key point behavior changed from this discussion:

Hello andyroo,

Currently it is not possible to split key point detection and image matching stages, they are grouped into Match Photos task. Keep key points feature has been introduced to allow the incremental matching, when new images are added to the already matched and aligned set of images.

As for the name of "reset current alignment" is meant to reset all the results obtained with running Align Photos operation, which include key points, tie points and EO/IO parameters.

Do I now need to explicitly delete keypoints or will they be automatically deleted if I change the tie point criteria? will they be automagically generated for new images if I add them, but kept for the old ones? Just trying to understand keypoints in detail because I frequently align multiple image collections together and this is a useful feature for me.