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Re: Wrong orientation after alignment
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I think you are mistaken as the pitch45 setting does not create a vertical model but rather a flat model as the Z axis in your model view points to the right instead of up. You should use 1 for front view or 3 for right view to see model you can see from view from the pitch90 extract, the model points have something like a 45 deg slope as again your Z axis is pointing to right...and this corresponds to reality as this Atlantic cliff has about a 45 deg slope.

The fact that we entered 0 for yaw is a little confusing. Is it possible that camera was always pointing facing north (as cliff is basically facing south) all thru 244 image survey regardless of ROV movement?

I would recommend to do a new adjustment with yaw set to 0, pitch set to 90 and roll set to 0, then select all cameras in Reference  pane and with right button context menu, Modify Accuracy(°) to 180/10/10 (see 1st attachement).  That way yaw will not be constrained (very loose accuracy of 180 deg vs 10 deg for pitch and roll). And do a new alignment with command from console...

If you can export your tie points (sparse cloud)  in laz format using Export Points and send it to me I can have a look at it...see 3rd attachement. If file is too big to send thru forum, you can send as attachment to

Hope this clear up some of your doubts,
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