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RESOLVED - Issues with project
« on: October 14, 2021, 10:03:10 PM »
Hi all,

I am using the trial of Metashape Professional and while the results are impressive (when it works), I have encountered numerous bugs and problems that are extremely disappointing considering this is $3500 software.

The current showstopper is an issue when generating a mesh. The decimation seems to never complete, it gets stuck at 80%.

I searched and other people with this problem likely did not have enough RAM to complete the job, but my PC has 128GB of RAM so that's probably not the issue. What's worse is that Metashape is currently using only 3,350 MB of RAM so there is clearly a problem in the software and not in my RAM capacity.

I will try to make the mesh with decimation disabled so I can at least move forward with this project, but this is really disappointing especially on top of the other problems I've had (point clouds and models disappearing when I try to reset the view, changes to coordinate system making everything disappear, color correction making all my images bright red with no way to undo the damage, images that should align are not aligning, etc.)

Is this software really that bad or am I just having an unusual amount of issues?

Can anyone suggest a better program that will accept 360 spherical images?

Most importantly, how can I fix this problem with decimation?
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Alexey Pasumansky

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Hello jenkinsm,

Which version of Metashape you are using and what parameters are selected for Build Mesh process? Maybe you can provide the log related to mesh generation + decimation stages?

As for other reported issues, additional information is required, for example, regarding the Reset View issue. Regarding alignment issues, without looking at the dataset, it's hard to say anything  about possible reason of the problem.

Color correction could be reset, by pressing Reset button in Calibrate Colors dialog.
Best regards,
Alexey Pasumansky,
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Hi Alexey,

I'm using the latest version of 1.7 Professional. It seems that the project file itself had some problems or became partially corrupt because I started over in a new project file and everything seems to be working as expected.

I'm still having alignment issues at times, and that's likely contributing to a problem with texture generation, but I think that is a PEBKAC error more than anything!

I'll post more specific requests for help with alignment issues in a separate thread.

FYI - I think the project file became corrupt when I tried to connect to Agisoft Cloud and upload photos so I could process the project in the cloud. I remember it froze during that process and the issues started right after that. Not sure what caused it to freeze (perhaps too many photos? It was ~260 GB I believe).