Author Topic: Basic reference system, 3 markers, CP , for Metashape Standard  (Read 4856 times)


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Basic reference system, 3 markers, CP , for Metashape Standard
« on: October 16, 2021, 10:21:44 AM »
In Metashape Standard, we don't have any way defining the orientating or scaling the model, other than manually... We don't have the ability to add markers with known coordinates.

We can only orientate and scale it by using the workaround method of setting the grid to, say, 5m, 10CM, 10', 12", whatever, and then manually scaling the model or features on it, roughly to the grid, and rotating into into the correct oriendation horizontally, vertically and rotating it so that north is up perhaps.

Could Metashape Standard have a very basic reference system? A tiny subset of what Professional has?

If we could at least have the ability to place down 3 markers, with x,y,z coordinates, this would kinematically define the model's position perfectly in space, and scale it.

Perhaps we could only use Euclidean/Cartesian coordinates, x, y, z
So no access to georeferenced coordinates, WGS84, etc, etc...
3 points is the minimum to define something's position & scale in 3D space, but perhaps we could get 4, or 5 points, such that it would help with camera calibration issues, bowing, dishing of the model? But a lot more code i guess.

Just being able to also add 3 markers to our photos before alignment would be amazing, saving a lot of work.
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Re: Basic reference system, 3 markers, CP , for Metashape Standard
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2023, 06:15:26 PM »
I was also looking for this. Thanks for the info about showing the grid and setting grid cell size to meters.

Hello taran,

There's a workaround in Standard edition:
- in Model Menu -> Show/Hide Items enable Show Grid option,
- in Tools Menu -> Appearance tab -> Model View section set Grid cell units to "meters",
- in Model view use Scale Object tool to apply approximate dimensions, according to the grid displayed in the background.

That workaround is helpful for the time being.