Author Topic: Segment 3D model from segmented images  (Read 632 times)


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Segment 3D model from segmented images
« on: October 26, 2021, 04:36:07 PM »
I am trying to transfer annotated segmented images (segmented version of same images that have been used to generate the model) to a 3D model. Is it possible to do this in a way that preserves the quantised labels of the segmented images?

For example, if one of the labels has a label or color (255, 0, 0), I would like this this label to be preserved when it is projected onto the model.
I understand that its possible to disable blending in ‘blending mode’, but then this only takes one camera position to generate the texture. Ideally, an option that take the most common value from all cameras that can view a point would be available.

Happy to write some python if that could be a possible solution?