Author Topic: Build DEM and Build Mesh using dense cloud with filter for point confidence  (Read 3437 times)


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It would be useful to be able to Build DEM and Build Mesh using dense cloud as the source with an option to choose a point confidence range, similar to the Point class filter incorporated into these routines.
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Seconded - this would be an amazing feature to have, especially if also reported in the processing report.


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I second it too. In meantime you can use filter by confidence, select all points with confidence under desired threshold and assign Low Point(noise) class to the low confidence points so they can be excluded by class.

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Why dont you filter by confidense, then select all the remaining points and assign then a class. After you reset your filter you can still see all the points, however during DEM or Ortho construction you can delegate which class to base the products off...i do it all the time