Author Topic: Blotchy orthomosaic with MicaSense Dual imagery  (Read 5169 times)


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Blotchy orthomosaic with MicaSense Dual imagery
« on: May 01, 2022, 08:15:16 PM »
I am trying to process 10-band multispectral data collected with the MicaSense RedEdge MX Dual data in Agisoft Metashape professional. The imagery was collected with 80/75 overlap (vertical/horizontal). I am having success with alignment (high quality), and have generated a low quality dense point cloud and DEM in order to quickly look at the orthomosaics. The issue I am having is that flight lines are visible in the orthomosaics, and are visible in NDVI maps generated with the Raster Transform feature (image attached). The calibration panel images are all included, and the calibration panel CSV has been successfully imported. This error occurs whether or not I include the sun sensor for reflectance calibration. I have tried every type of blending mode for orthomosaic generation. But if you look at the first panel on the attached image, the coloured dense point cloud looks much better, and does not have the same inconsistent NDVI values on the flight lines. I am wondering if there's a step I am missing in order to fix this issue?