Author Topic: Problem to export tie cloud with geolocalisation with EO [SOLVED]  (Read 1119 times)


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Hi, i'am new to metashape pro, i test it with 30 day free test
I have to test the programm possibility with a set of photo shooted from a plane with a ultracam osprey mark 3 from vexcel
i have a eo file with name file; x; y; z; rotx, roty, rotz .
The EPSG code is 32612

i manage to produce a concatenated file to import in metashape
i import photos
i import references
i can see in reference windows in metashape that photo have good x,y,z and yaw, pitch and roll
i make alignment and dense cloud reconstruction and they are pretty nice
i export tie point and choose local coordinate and clik on default to get the coordinate in shift x,y,z
but when i export my cloud in laz the offset in cloud tool is not corresponding in coordinate range of my eo file

for exemple there is a line of my file :
100410-lvl02-color.tif        400337.7620       3701605.1927          1501.2110        0.02689       -0.07899      174.30144

and the result in cloud tool is like OFFSET [-10000.000, 0.000, -1000.000]

Can you tel me where am i wrong ?

In this process, i use just a few image of the set,
The EO file must only contain information of the set of image you use to avoid error when importing the csv
i define the good coordinate system in import csv reference windows
i check reference preselection and guided image matching in align photo process
my point cloud have now the good coordinate rage in cloud tool

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