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No texture on filled holes
« on: January 15, 2022, 12:54:48 AM »

I'm trying to make a model of this box (first one)

When I use 'medium' quality settings in all steps from the workflow menu, there is a hole in the shadow side of the box (image 1). I was able to fill it with 'fill holes' from the tools menu. But then the filled hole has no texture (image 2). Building the texture again doesn't solve the problem. Why? There seems to be enough information in the photos: if I run all the steps in the workflow with 'lowest' quality settings, there is no hole and also the shaded side of the box has a more or less convincing texture.  (image 3) What can I do to get the texture in the filled hole?

kind regards

PS I just tried the same procedure, using 'high' quality settings, and the hole is even bigger....
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