Author Topic: renderDepth and renderImage for point cloud are identical outputs?  (Read 1031 times)


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Hi there,

I'm trying to output a rendered depthmap for specific coordinates, and was hoping to achieve that with "renderdepth" pointing at the point cloud... however based on my tests it seems like this just outputs a rendered image of the colored dense cloud, with the same behavior as renderImage. Is this the expected behavior or am I doing it wrong?

my code to export a depthmap of the PC:
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    depth = chunk.dense_cloud.renderDepth(t, my_sensor_calibration, point_size=1, resolution=1, cull_points=False, add_alpha=True) + str(name) +"_depth.png")

To render an image of the PC:
Code: [Select]
image = chunk.dense_cloud.renderImage(t, my_sensor_calibration, point_size=dense_pc_size_for_export, resolution=1, cull_points=True, add_alpha=True) + str(name) +".png")


Nope, my bad... I messed up the assignment of the images  ;D
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