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Fixed Slave offset XYZ
« on: May 11, 2022, 02:21:04 AM »

I have a dual camera rig consisting of a RGB sensor (Master) and Thermal IR sensor (slave). The offset between the 2 sensors is known (slave sensor is 7.5 cm to right of Master and 5 mm lower).

In the slave sensor  camera calibration window, in Slave offset tab, I check Adjust Location and Enable reference and then enter offset in Reference X, Y, Z as in 3rd screen copy:

However, since I want the offset to be fixed, I uncheck the Adjust location but then the whole XYZ entries are greyed out... see 1st attachment

How can we fix the XYZ slave offset (ie. not let the program adjust the location)?

PS. a possible workaround is to check Adjust Location and enter a very high accuracy for the Reference location (example 0.0005 in XYZ) and then optimize the rig cameras. You will get adjusted location offsets very close to entered values... see 2nd attachment...
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