Author Topic: Getting Artifacts around buildings and other structures in Orthomosaic  (Read 1946 times)


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I have tried considering these settings while processing orthomosaic.
Build ortho : geographic
Surface : DEM
Refine seamlines = checked
Enable hole filling = Checked
Enable Ghosting Filter = unchecked

Refine Seamlines checked and unchecked doesn't show much changes.
I have also tried Point cloud classification and genarated DEM using only Ground points but there is much X Y shift between the building edgs and problem of lean edges.
I cannot manually draw the patch for each buildings for seamline correction because I have around 10 thousand buildings in my ortho.
 I have even processed the ortho in Pix4dmapper it gives better results than Agisoft. I have attached few screenshots of ortho of agisoft  and pix4d ortho. kindly suggest some good settings so that we can avoid artifacts. I  have a flight overlap of 75 front and 80 side of each image. And camera resolution is 24MP.