Author Topic: Reduce Overlap taking into account cameras estimated quality  (Read 1112 times)


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I always use Reduce Overlap to simplify the model reducing the number of cameras covering the same area of my models. However, I noticed that the Reduce Overlap functionality does not take into account the estimated quality of the cameras. This means that for example out of 10 cameras the Reduce Overlap might disable 8 of them keeping enabled only 2 but not necessarily the 2 with highest quality. As a rule of thumb I try to discard all cameras with less than 0.6 estimated quality (if possible). Now this process has to be done manually, which takes long time when one has thousands of cameras.

It would be great to have an added functionality in Reduce Overlap to prioritise the cameras with highest quality, best would be if the quality value could be input as a preference. Hence the feature would try to disable only the lowest quality cameras retaining as enable the highest quality ones, based on the value input if possible (a preference, not a hard mandatory requirement to avoid loosing part of the model).