Author Topic: What are workflow steps masking in photoshop then bring into Agisoft ?  (Read 1418 times)


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having searched you tube and the internet and found NOTHING. Also open agisoft help, click search tab and search on mask and also *mask* and found NOTHING. not even on using Agisoft own tools.

I wish to mask out the multi subject background on ONE image which is causing lack of alignment. I presume doing so is ok, I dont have to mask the other 65 as well when they DO ALIGN , or does using mask with one mean all need masking, I hope not !
We all have photos that fail due to something in the one that doesnt appear in the others !

If I use Agisoft magic wand it gets bits of it, it will take forever, also the scissors are going to take ages as they keep wandering about onto my object.

I can do that selection in a minute in photoshop.

What are the steps involved in photoshop then in agisoft ?

something like
1. with image open, and brush edge at preferred softness to suit image, and black selected,  hit Q and paint round the object with black , it appears in red, make good any gaps.
2. hit Q and see crawling ants, invert selection if need be, you need the background selected.
3. save as a channel using menu Select>Save Selection option.
7. import image with mask in the following way....

more detail such as what it should look like in photoshop when mask done.

This needs pinning at top of threads !



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Anyone, ........does no reply to this mean one cannot use photoshop to mask up an image then take it into Agisoft ?
Looks that way.
I am familiar with photoshop and the tools are more precise and I am comfortable with them.

I am sure there are folk using Pshop to mask out unwanted areas.
Please anyone tell us the steps required.



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short answer is absolutely YES. You can use 3rd party software to create the masks and then import them in Metashape.

An old thread on the forum: ->

Helpdesk Portal: ->

Other tut: ->

hope these helps