Author Topic: Lens Calibration Quality Assurance Questions  (Read 7373 times)


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Lens Calibration Quality Assurance Questions
« on: August 25, 2013, 03:45:49 AM »
re: Lens Calibration Utility
A couple of questions:
1. When running the Agisoft lens calibration program multiple times using the same camera with the same fixed focal length lens with two different photographic datasets, the results are not consistent.  Photos taken with a f16 aperture to insure focus on the periphery. Shouldn't multiple calibrations be more or less consistent, if the lens does not change?  I've attached the lens report from the two separate calibrations.

2. The Agisoft lens manual describes obtaining photographs of the chessboard calibration target from "slightly different angles".  Please specify what "slightly different" means. 

3.  Is the goal to see the entire calibration target?