Author Topic: Should two chunks see a massive size difference of same object ?  (Read 1547 times)


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I have several photo sets of the same object, taken at same time, same camera, same focal length, same lighting same everything !
one its on its side, set 1, set 2 its upright.
each has been modelled in metashape 1.8.2 in same day. using same ultra high settings, all from depth maps. (align photos then mesh from depth maps, delete base newspaper then build texture, yes I know texture was a waste of time as merge chunks does that, but I wanted to see it looking nice !)

I try for merge chunk, file append, select chunk, show aligned chunks, with them touching each other, one is 30% the size of the other, is that normal ?

I didnt expect to have to scale up the model so much.

That just doesnt seem right at all. Surely agisoft makes models roughly the same size if they are filling the photo .