Author Topic: which buttons to turn on or off to view result merge chunks ?  (Read 1907 times)


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which buttons to turn on or off to view result merge chunks ?
« on: August 14, 2022, 01:14:47 AM »

Is the result of 'merge chunks' to be viewed with the 'show aligned chunks' button on or off ?

see results attached.

following agisoft article 'manual chunk alignment'.
I have added chunk, turned on 'show aligned chunks' *layered blue icon far right of toolbar.
I see both chunks.
I had to scale down by 30% one to match size of other, rotate and align them and then one sat within the other with bits of newspaper and a shadow edge visible .
I ran merge chunks selecting 'model' (as I had made model from depth maps), not used dense point cloud at all.

result looks like the view just before I ran merge chunks !
I turn off the 'show aligned chunks' and double click 3d model in chunk 1, then look at chunk 2, and by doing a screen grab in photoshop I see no change in these two when viewing merged chunk, the messy face of chunk 2 is still there, it didnt take the better face of chunk 1. it didnt remove the newspaper,

Is the result to be viewed with the 'show aligned chunks' on or off ?

Its not taken the best of both, it probably doesnt know whats best, having no eyes as such. However its impossible to delete out the bad bits as the tool doesnt seem to have a limiter for mesh face nearest 'me' see other post.
I dont even see any movement in the meshes as I compare those photoshop screen grabs.


Alexey Pasumansky

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Re: which buttons to turn on or off to view result merge chunks ?
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2022, 05:10:35 PM »
Hello Steve,

'Show Aligned Chunks" options displays all the aligned chunks (which have [T] or [R] mark next to their label in the Workspace pane) simultaneously in the Model view.

You can use it even before merging chunks to see, how the merging result could look like.

In order to switch between chunks, while Show Aligned Chunks option is disabled, you should double-click on the chunk's label in the Workspace pane. Thus you can switch from first chunk to second chunk, then to Merged Chunk.

If you would like to see only few chunks in Show Aligned Chunks mode, you can disable those chunks, that you would like to hide in the Model view. (note that active chunk would be displayed anyway, so if you would like to hide active chunk, you should switch active chunk to any enabled aligned chunk).
Best regards,
Alexey Pasumansky,
Agisoft LLC