Author Topic: What is best practice if final mesh has unwanted surroundings next to it ?  (Read 102 times)


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metashape 1.8.2
I had 20 mins to photo something I had planned for 40 mins at. Even so what I have is good and perhaps enough to model from in CAD.

I have aligned photos in Photoscan, as metashape rejected 19 of them. (it most often fails on quite a few, photoscan never fails), imported the project then to Metashape 1.8.2
deleted most of the scene which was background and unwanted.
I also removed the unwanted points visible in the open parts of the object, an old window frame without glass.
next step I chose was create mesh from depth maps, skipping the Dense Point Cloud stage, its better at detail and quicker.
Result sees some background next to the item I wish to remove., also the items visible through the window frame despite deleting those points has been modelled !

Should I delete the unwanted mesh adjacent and touching the window frame then run make mesh, but surely that will look at same data source and put back in those bits.

What are the exact steps to get rid of parts I can only see when mesh is made, and not have them reoccur ?