Author Topic: Is it possible to see Earth's curvature in a Agisoft Metashape Project?  (Read 914 times)


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With a Phantom 4 I flew among a path for several kilometers. In theory you get 8 cm drop after 1 km due to the curvature of the earth.

Can this be visible in Metashape? If yes,

  • Is this curvature then a result from the shape, like it would be with smaller objects, simply derived from photogrammetry itself or...
  • Is there an inherent globe in the software where all tie points are kind of fixed depending on their GPS Data (don't know if I explain that point clearly)?

A little bit of a nerd topic but it helps understanding what is happening and is kind off fun :)



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No, because the GPS coordinates from the drone, or from control points, are in meters or feet above a datum that is projected out from the center of the earth. You would have to view your 3D model, orthomosaic, DEM, etc in software that presents the earth as a globe