Author Topic: Classify Ground Points Parameters for Rivers / Highly Variable Terrain  (Read 1292 times)


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Hello All

I have experimented greatly with the "Classify Ground Points" command (and the Classify Points command) for my workflows, which often involve either a) large-area UAV photogrammetry of rivers (i.e. a km or more) or b) close-range UAV photogrammetry of an eroding river bank (i.e. 100-200m).  Most of the rivers I typically reconstruct are dry (i.e. sandy bed)

I cannot for the life of me figure out good parameters for the "Classify Ground Points" to classify ground points of the river but remove vegetation.  Anything I use ends up mis-classifying half of the river bank as non-ground, or, is too lenient and leaves 1/3 of the trees/bushes present etc.

Any tips/suggestions on combinations of parameters for highly variable terrain such as rivers?