Author Topic: Blank terminal window open in addition to main program window (Windows 11 64bit)  (Read 591 times)


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G'day all,
I have just noticed something 'new' when running Metashape Pro 1.8.6 (under windows 11 64bit).  When the program starts, there is a blank terminal/powershell window that opens with a black background - that has always been there and I think has to do with licence/activation check.  In the past this window then shrank and disappeared once the main program window opened - but now it stays active and you can alt-tab to it.  It is blank other than a list of the program path and name on the title bar.  It doesn't seem to interfere with the main program window, but is another window I have to alt-tab past which is a tad annoying.  If I close it, the main program window closes as well.  I have run a repair and also repaired and reset the terminal app, but to no avail.  Any suggestions?

Edit - found the issue - if anyone else is having this problem, there is an option in Powershell settings to "Hide Terminal in the notification area when minimised".
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