Author Topic: GRID TO GROUND or process workflow PHANTOM4 RTK AND GPS RTK CONTROL  (Read 806 times)


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Hi There,

I am using a Phantom4 RTK unit and have both GPS RTK control and Images from the drone on GRID and id like to know the work flow to process this job on Ground or move it. The scale factor is about 305mm per kilometer so over my job about 1.5km the error from grid to ground will be about 0.5m.

I am working on MGA 2020 Zone 55 in New South Wales Australia.

the CSF CONVVERGENCE AUSGOID2020 SCALE FACTOR IS 0.999695 AT  Permanent Mark 1605 MGA2020 644062.882 5966592.975 zone 55 RL 1003.52

Appreciate if you can help.