Author Topic: Aligning photos of an existing project using "Estimated Preselect"  (Read 1002 times)


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I was reading through the manual (ver 1.8) about the "Accuracy" setting for Alignment.

I have a project on a large shipwreck that involves multiple dives. I basically use incremental alignment with the new photos and have some overlap of photos with the previous dives.

What basically happens is that the new photos have a "tight" alignment with each other and a "loose" alignment with the photos from the previous dive that overlap.

This results sometimes in areas where the two sets of photos are close to being aligned, but not exact and there is a little bit of a "ghosting" effect.

I'm generally using Medium alignment accuracy and generic preselect.

With all that...

In reading the manual, I noticed this under "Reference preselection"

"if the alignment operation has been already completed for the project, the estimated camera locations will be considered when the Align Photos procedure is run again with the Estimated preselection selected."

If I didn't want to start from scratch, could I use this option to increase the accuracy?

If so, I'm assuming I would NOT want to check "reset current alignment" but how exactly would I go about doing it? Would I reset alignment of all photos and then select Align Photos and check the Estimated Preselect?

Or would I just run Alignment with High and Estimated Preselect?

If somebody could clarify, that would be great!

Happy Holidays all,

- brett