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heritage documentation events
« on: January 06, 2023, 12:02:10 PM »
Hi all,

wish you a happy 2023.

since this is a community for documentation specialist, I was wondering if you can advise me on events world wide concerning heritage documentation that I can attend or join to develop my practice in this field and to share my expertise as well. maybe summer\spring schools, workshops, conferences, etc..

for example CIPA conference.

what have you attended before? what are you planning for 2023? what do you recommend I start with?

about me, I had been working in the field of Heritage documentation for the past 6 years, the latter 3 years my work was excessively involved into photogrammetry recording for archaeological sites. I was lucky enough to be across a team who is actively doing archaeological excavation projects, which I usually documented all in photogrammetry and produced ortho-rectified drawings for!
I want to grow into the profession more, there for I am asking you advice on how to shape my career path by acquiring new knowledge and develop my practice.

wishing to hear from you.
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