Author Topic: Is it possible to change a node's capability (Any/CPU/GPU) for SUB-steps?  (Read 1167 times)


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I want to set a different capability for specific nodes based on which of these functions is being performed:


For .detect I would want the nodes that do not have a GPU to be set to "Any" because they can detect points nearly as quickly as the GPU nodes.

For .prematch and .match I need to set those nodes to "CPU" because they are way too slow compared to the GPU nodes, so the rest of the nodes complete while those take forever.

I looked thru the Python API reference and searched for "prematch" but nothing came up, which makes me think this is not currently possible.

Does anyone know if this can be done and how?

If it's not possible now, then it certainly needs to be added in order to use network processing as efficiently as possible.



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+1 - I would love more control over node affinity for different substeps. Something that could be configured via the monitor and/or node initialization command would be ideal for our use case