Author Topic: How do I define 2 Coordinate Systems - for the Chunk and the imported References  (Read 1647 times)


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Hello there,

in a general workflow I want to add some Reference points to align my dense point cloud to (Metashape Pro Version 1.8.4). The problem is that I want to set the chunks coordinate system to EPSG::4326 and the Markers reference to EPSG::32632 (attached Screenshot, rightclick on chunk --> "Reference settings..."). Now, I am able to define a desired Coordinate System for the chunk (1) and also during the argument "chunk.importReference(...)" (2). Both arguments work, but of course always for all of those three settings from the screenshot. I am not familiar using python scripts in Metashape, and I didnĀ“t find a solution here or in the Python Reference pdf to "subdivide" the "Metashape.CoordinateSystem" argument - can someone help me with new ideas?

Code: [Select]
crs ="Select Coordinate System of Chunk", = crs

Code: [Select]
chunk.importReference(path, format=Metashape.ReferenceFormatCSV, columns='nxyz', delimiter=',', crs=Metashape.CoordinateSystem("EPSG::32632"), create_markers=True)