Author Topic: Generate footprint/outline of point cloud/mesh/DEM/orthomosaic  (Read 1380 times)


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I originally raised this as a comment in the Agisoft Metashape-script github repo to an existing issue (
Me, the OP and others would all be keen to have a function that calculates the footprint/outline of point cloud/mesh/DEM/orthomosaic from within Agisoft Metashape.
In that, we mean a polygon that follows the shape, like so:

Internally, Agisoft Metashape is able to calculate the footprint/area outline of mesh and DEM.
This is e.g. evidenced by the "Coverage" area parameter in the processing report and is used internally by the Area() commands.
It would be great if there were a way to access this process directly, and export it to a shape from within the GUI and through the Java/Python APIs.
Based on the github issue, more users would benefit from a feature like this.