Author Topic: What method with photoshop to edit out unwanted item in 9 of 82 photos  (Read 796 times)


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82 good pics, but 9 need shoe or trousers removing.
I would like to use photoshop as I am extremely well practised in its tools, then add the photos to the metashape batch and align etc.

What is the procedure, pic 1 has a shoe in the background, do I make it a layer then edit out shoe leaving a tranpsarency there, do I save it with a named channel, or do I simply replace with white or black, how do I add the result to metashape ?

This has to be a common occurrence when in a museum and you photo your own shoe or leg !

PLEASE what are the steps.

what should I be producing, how to save the image and add it etc.
I know Agisoft has its own edge following tools but I am far better with photoshop.

I do not intend to edit all 91 pics  masking each one when they dont need it.

All tuts I see are about doing the entire lot.

I want the photo align to get fail on seeing a shoe ! Metashape is exceptionally easy to fail on such things.



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Hi Steve,
Two workflows for this:

If you're working with TIFF files, make the selection, save the selection in photoshop (Select->Save Selection) and choose "New" Channel. It will create a channel called Alpha and that should be all you need. Save the file, go to Agisoft and import masks from file and there's an option to import from alpha channels.

If you're working from things where you cannot save Alpha Channels (JPGs), then you can just make a B&W image, flatten it and save it as a PNG and if you want add _mask to the file name so IMG01234.jpg becomes IMG01234_mask.png. Then in Agisoft there is an option to import masks from files, and you can adjust the file name format so that it looks for the same filename but with _mask.png

Both of these methods will allow you to save only some images with masks and when Agisoft imports the masks, if none are found for a given file no mask will be created for that image.