Author Topic: Why make masks why not paint out on image in white or black instead ?  (Read 864 times)


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To stop Agisoft trying to cross reference distracting items in photos, rather than fiddle about masking those areas out then using the import masks routine and have one file for image and another for mask, and have to relate the two in a coding name thing, or create a mask in alpha channel in pshop then save image as .tiff.   and 200 images would be far bigger file size than 200 .jpg
If one instead painted out in white or black on the image the offending area and resaved the image as .jpg, same as its current file type, surely solid black or white between images would deny agisoft the ability to cross reference those areas ?
makes life simpler.
I have shots of the inside of a tractor cab and the glazing has flash reflections also I see items outside through the glazing with flash flare over them which will also confuse the hell out of Agisoft. Can I just paint out the glazing areas in white or black ?

and which is best, should I use white or is black better ?
(using solid colour, no grain in it etc)



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I agree, they should let you define a color as masking. Another idea is to let you draw a mask in the program and apply it to all photos, or a set of photos. That way you could still use JPEGs