Author Topic: Agisoft Viewer, Navigate building internal  (Read 4967 times)


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Agisoft Viewer, Navigate building internal
« on: June 17, 2023, 02:49:34 PM »

I created a tiled model from Laserscans only. it was scanned with a blk 360 and I noticed oddly extra triangulation off the limit of the scan data, kind of an umbrella effect. Its not so important really but odd so I tried masking the scans empty and run it again, which didn't help

I link here the 2 scan for anyone curious

Anyway I am really asking if there is a good way to navigate the inside of a building in the viewer, or something like a limit box or section planes for viewing the floors?

Also for whatever reason textured tiled model that get their texture for the greyscale intensity of laser-scan data, disappear when I zoom in. this happens in metashape and the viewer? i have to view them in solid