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Accessing Python logger
« on: June 30, 2023, 06:54:45 PM »
Hi all

We are using the standalone Python module to automate some of our processes. Everything works well, but we're having an issue with logging.

We use an orchestration system ( to run, manage, and monitor our pipelines. However, we can't see the Metashape console output within our backoffice (we do see it when running the application locally of course). The main reason is that Prefect won't log anything from third-parties unless instructed to so. After several tries and investigations we realized that the Metashape output doesn't seem to use any Python logger at all. It seems that the stdout exclusively stems from the underlying shared library (probably some C++).

There is a `Metashape` logger though, but it produces no output.

We also read through some other threads suggesting to simply capture the whole stdout directly at system level. This is not an option for us since our pipelines also produce console output and are part of a broader system.

Bottom line: is there a way to access the Metashape output "through Python", ideally using the standard logger/handler mechanisms?

Thanks and regards.