Author Topic: Exporting point cloud in chunk coordinates, not the local coordinates  (Read 4142 times)


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Metashape exports a non georef. point cloud in local coordinates.
These coordinates and the center of the coordinate system is not visible to the user (who has no idea about python scripts).

When trying to process the exported point cloud in other software (such as Pointcab), I understand where the center of local coordinate system of the point cloud/model in Metashape was.
The issue is mostly with orthomosaics. The ones created in Pointcab (section tool) and similar softwares are not in the same position as the ones  created in Metashape (rotation and displacement differentiation) , although I try visually to find the proper points to make the section in Pointcab in the same position with the one I made in Metashape.

What I this is useful in Metashape is:
1) Having the option to export the point cloud in chunk coordinate system (i.e. the one I see in region).
2) Having the option to make the chunk coordinate system be the same with local coordinate system.