Author Topic: Thin Point Cloud - how big the reduction is, or any final default value result?  (Read 1113 times)


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Good Morning administrators and everybody,

maybe someone would like to share information regarding editing point cloud results by filtering with the option of "Thin Point Cloud". From my perspective, the option facilitates us to reduce the number of tie points after the photo-alignment process as well. One of the purposes may relate to the matching strategy with our machine performance because excessive tie points require higher computing capabilities which sometimes would be problematic to the entire process.

The question is how big will the reduction be (or how many tie points will be kept and safely remain in the chunk) or what is the reduction procedure (25% or 50% etc.)?
For example, a project originally processed with a setting of tie point limit of 16,000 resulting in 36,000,000 tie points. When we execute the "Thin Point Cloud" filtering option, how many tie points will be deleted?
-. tie point limit of 16,000 will become equal to 12,000 tie point limits (25% reduction) or 8,000 (50% reduction) or 4,000 (75% reduction)
-. tie point limit from any original setting process (16,000 or 12,000 or 10,000 etc) will strictly reduce to a default tie point setting value (remain only equal to the result of the 4,000 setting as the default)
-. percentage reduction from the result of the original tie point (from 36,000,000 tie points become 18,000,000 tie points (-50%) or maybe 9,000,000 (-75%)

Maybe, through understanding the nature of this filtering option will shed light on reducing the problem and dealing with our machine's performance.

Many thanks.