Author Topic: Suggestion for Initial Chunk Orientation Based on Image Orientation  (Read 3515 times)


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Dear Agisoft team,

I would like to discuss a challenge I've been facing while working with Metashape, especially when dealing with panoramic imaging. Currently, it seems that the initial orientation of chunks appears to be random, which often requires significant manual adjustment to correct, particularly for panoramic imagery where you realise that the orientation isn't perfect after generating the panoramic view (no, the preview isn't good enough for that).

Generally, photos are captured with a level horizon or the camera corrects the orientation automatically. Thus, it would be logical and beneficial to have the software consider this inherent orientation data during the initial setup of chunks (no orientation given = roll to 0 with accuracy of 180°, but now you have to give yaw and pitch too, which breaks this option). Anyway, when this consideration is wrong, random orientation can't be better and trying to consider a roll angle of aprroximatively 0 won't perturbate the process, so there is no inconvenients to this.

This adjustment could significantly streamline the workflow for many users, and specifically for panoramic imaging. Panoramic images often represent a somewhat "rectangular" area, where the minimal overlap inherently indicates the horizon. Leveraging this information to initially align the panoramic chunks would save users from the often tedious task of manually adjusting the height of the panorama or trying to align the horizon based on tie points represented on a sphere.

While I understand that each image set can have its own unique challenges and may require some level of manual intervention, using the image's initial orientation as a starting point could greatly simplify the alignment process and increase the efficiency of the workflow.

I hope this suggestion can be taken into consideration for future updates. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to improve this essential tool.