Author Topic: Reflectance Panel - fixed values ​​vs excel list  (Read 5339 times)


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Reflectance Panel - fixed values ​​vs excel list
« on: August 04, 2023, 11:36:38 AM »

I'm interested in the topic of multispectral recordings and can't get any further on the reflectance panel point.

If i use a micasense or mapir panel, there is a large excel file with a wavelength column (1nm steps) and the associated value.
According to the operating instructions, the Sentera panel has a fixed value for each band.
Do you then enter the fixed values ​​manually in Metashape, while I simply import the Excel list for others? (See ; section 3.4)

Why are there such differences now? What does the table do and is one better or the other worse?
I look forward to any clarifying answer.
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