Author Topic: Manual Registration Points please in standard edition.  (Read 3024 times)


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Manual Registration Points please in standard edition.
« on: August 19, 2014, 07:52:51 PM »

I just got back from Siggraph and there were quite a few 3D Scanning companies at the show. One feature that many of these alternate scanning software packages had was the ability to add your own alignment points to each of the images and do a manual alignment before having the software compute its own solution.

Where this helps is if you are shooting with a single camera and you have a bunch of images that do not align.

On each image you would have the ability to add common points on each image. The more more manual points you add the better the manual alignment. Each shared point on each image would have a corresponding number. You could have as many points as needed to help with alignment.

I do this all the time with motion tracking software and it come in very handy as there are always instances where the computed alignment is never perfect.

Hopefully this feature could get added.