Author Topic: Seeking solution for UAV data alignment challenge over water with Agisoft Metash  (Read 1699 times)

Eden Wase

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Hello everyone,

I have been encountering some difficulties with Agisoft Metashape while trying to align UAV data collected over almost 85% of a water surface. The lack of distinct features on the water's surface seems to be causing alignment issues. I'm seeking advice and recommendations from anyone who has experience with techniques for effective orthomosaicking over water surfaces. Whether it's specific settings in Agisoft Metashape, alternative software, or specialized procedures, I would greatly appreciate any guidance.

Thank you


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Hello Eden

Considering the principle behind photogrammetric matching, it's impossible to obtain any good result with water surfaces (which moves and have reflections) or any other moving or reflective surface. Unless there the water is very very shallow (20 cm or less), perfectly transparent, and you have distinctive features bellow the water, you won't be able to get any matching. The only way to obtain good altimetric results bellow water is to use sonar scanning (the needed equipment depends on your needs and environmental characteristics) or by using LIDAR that supports bathymetric features (usually until 2 Secchi depth).
If you are low on budget it will be a problem because a LIDAR with these features usually costs 75000 US D or a lot more. 


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Its possible but depends on a few things...and is likely to need a script. Please drop us a line at the following page:
Agisoft endorsed online Metashape training - see: