Author Topic: Wrong orientation of animation when using script animation from camera positions  (Read 3630 times)


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Hi to everyone,
I'm writing to you cause I don't know what to do.
Animation in the video (from script) is oriented wrong - the link of video I'll post but only temporarily, so please if someone watching this post let them see in matter of maybe two days...cause I modify my YouTube channel...a lot - link is here:
As you can see...orientation is wrong even I used Alexey script from this topic (ordered by date, time) - same with this script too -
Also, I started conversation within this topic -
But Alexey told me that I need to check camera calibration.
I've check that already but in camera calibration seems to be wrong values so picture has to be 3024 by 4032 pixels, cause when I open it on any gallery (or any image viewer) it's displayed vertically, not horizontally. Unfortunatelly this conversation did not continued even I show him my data and don't know why that...cause I did not find solution since then. I suppose that something is wrong with orientation of images when loaded into Agisoft Metashape. I just want to find proper solution. Is it possible to change these values in Camera Calibration tab or what? I want to know if it's possible to do that for all images on one click? If that solve's issue. Or maybe some suggestion will be also helpful.
Thanks :)


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I would suggest you NOT to mix horizontal/vertical pictures togheter, but treat all as horizontal for the reconstruction purpose.
You can rotate the model / video at the end of the process.

Alexey Pasumansky

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I have posted a script in another thread:
It should consider orientation tag for the images, so if the image thumbnails in the Photos pane shot the desired orientation, then the script run will generate the animation track considering that orientation.
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