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What cameras/lenses are preferable for photoscan?

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I'm still in the middle of trying to figure out all the links Chad - but I think most everything is possible.

See this for example:

Resulting in this:

[as stated that needs some custom electronics and (perhaps) a custom CHDK build]

Until recently the 'simultaneous' use of chdk usbremote and chdkptp had not been understood however, it now seems that nut may have been cracked [even though I don't yet fully understand how to put this into 'operation'] - see this post:

The last bit that [I think that] I need to understand is the integration of DSLR / studio flash by use of the camera-axe, see this post:

- no responses yet, but it can't be that difficult  ::)

I just really need to decide on a p&s camera model [& a copy of photoscan, finally !] and start some serious investigations - but then interesting [4D ?] discussions like this  come along and I start wondering how many HD video FPS the camera has  [or the one about chdkptp over wifi previouly mentioned] and the purchase decision resets  :o

At the minute my priority is understanding more fully chdk 'precision synch [e.g what builds / what cameras / digic processors etc].

The chdk forum is more like a computer science website - very interesting but also very frustrating [for me]. Still, I think [hope] a further time investment in it will eventually pay dividends. 

With Lee as inspiration - whatever the solution, [I believe] it needs to be super-slick / reliable to be taken seriously in a production environment...I hope it's possible. I hope there's more to follow  :)

Yeah, it really does seem like all of the pieces ought to click into place at some point. But I think I'll wait for those pioneers to iron things out a bit. ;-)

It seems like someone could build some sort of low-end turnkey bullet time system with all of the available technology out there.

Here's to hoping it's all sorted sooner rather than later!

Hi Chad, if neither flash nor precise synch is are required then 'pioneering' may be optional - chdkptp [with just a powered usb hub network] might be able to do it all as things currently stand [no need to toggle the 5V on the usb line] - see this post:

"This is quite exciting for me, but now I wonder how to make the cameras shoot at once. Is there a way to bring the camera into a "ready-to-shoot"-mode, like the one I have when applying 5 Volt to the Y-cable I use together with CHDKs USB remote function. And then fire them all at once or with a very short delay?

Do you have any suggestions how to achieve a multi-camera-shooting with chdkptp?

You can do this using the multicam.lua module included with chdkptp (it's not really finished, some coding may be required), but the synchronization will be not be very good compared to a properly functioning USB remote trigger, several tens of ms at best.

I've never tried it with more than two cameras. See and comments in the source."

I previously posted the link to the multicam.lua code here

That's some bit of tech info that i'l need a few days to process. Thanks guys for your help! BTW could anyone explain the USB hub thing a bit further? Is it really that easy? I've read in the thread that andy_s linked that aproximate sync would be around 20 to 40 ms... that's sounds reasonable enough for me. Is it not?

Andy: Hmmm, yes it seems like that might work as well. I'll have to look into that at some point, especially since that could save the trouble of having to switch each camera in and out of USB remote mode. Thanks once again, Andy!

Ikercito: Yes, the USB hub setup is relatively simple. Each camera is hooked up to the hub. When they are all configured as USB remote enabled in the CHDK software, supplying power to the USB hub will send the power out to each of the cameras and trigger the first voltage pulse (in my case, it's like a 'half-press' of the camera shutter they all lock focus and prepare to fire the shutter). When power is cut to the USB hub, they will then all fire their shutters in (relative) unison as the voltage to them is also dropped from the hub shutdown.

Andy's extensive research is hopefully leading to a setup that will be much more time accurate between the cameras. For me, holding relatively still and not trying to freeze and active motion seems to be good enough and the basic USB hub triggering works for least until I get more time and determination to improve it.


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