Author Topic: Difference in outputs 3D tiles against Cesium Ion  (Read 433 times)


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Difference in outputs 3D tiles against Cesium Ion
« on: February 22, 2024, 04:59:12 PM »
In my current workflow, I am using Metashape for processing data. I am trying to replace Cesium Ion with Metashape to generate 3D tiles for point clouds and mesh (tiled model). I am using default settings to export point cloud in Cesium format (.zip). But, the outputs of Metashape and Cesium Ion don't look the same in terms of color. Cesium Ion's output colors look exactly like LAZ. But Metashape's colors are not right. Here is the function call I'm doing:


I have also played around with other options like save_point_color, save_point_normal, image_format, compression and colors_rgb_8bit. But the outputs still look different.

The image CesiumIon.jpg shows how it looks when the file is exported as LAZ and then converted using Cesium Ion. The other two images show outputs with Metashape's conversion to Cesium tiles without and with colors_rgb_8bit setting.

Is there any other setting / parameter I should tune to make it export exactly like Cesium Ion's.
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