Author Topic: Prioritize closest photos for textures, prioritize a group of photos for texture  (Read 509 times)


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There are several cases when prioritizing closest photos for texture generation would be prefered. There are also cases, when it would be prefered to select a specific camera group and prioritize them in texture generation. So please implement these options if possible. Below only two scenarios.

Case 1.

Flying a drone around a building. First flying far away, to get the overview and to get informaion what is around the building. Then flying much closer only to focus on the details of the walls. At the moment I have no control which photos will be used for generation of textures on the walls and in some cases the ones from far away will be chosen, although there are closer photos that better show the details I care about.

Case 2

I have underwater photosets where I scanned a wreck. Most of the photos are taken with a 20mpix GoPro and they help building the model well. But there are also some photos from a higher resolution and quality DLSR camera showing only details up close in those parts of the wreck viewers will most likely zoom in and expect details. At the moment I have no control which photos will be used for textures. In this case I would prefer to select a camera group from the DLSR and set "prioritize in texture generation".


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Ideal if Metashape selects photographs for textures based on their distance to the polygons being textured, it could be relatively easy to measure the distances and choose the closest as the candidate for a texture.