Author Topic: Exported point cloud in chunks has local coordinates, not real-world coordinates  (Read 589 times)


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Problem: When exporting a point cloud into chunks, the coordinates are changed to local coordinates without telling you (even if the output projection is set to real-world coordinates).

I'm running into a situation where when I export a point cloud as a single tile in UTM coordinates, the resultant file is fine (i.e. it has the correct extent, resolution, and point density). However, when I try exporting the point cloud by tiling into 1km chunks, the resultant cloud has a density of 0 points / m2 and the extent appears to be switched to local coordinates (even though the CRS is correctly set).

I found one feature request ( that appears to be somewhat related, but I don't know for sure if this behavior is a bug or if this is intentional. If it is the latter, can there be a warning or something that if people are exporting a point cloud to chunks, that the coordinates will NOT be what they expect?

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Hello ianMc,

Can you provide additional details of the procedure that you are following: what steps are executed and what processing/export parameters are used?
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