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Export to voxel format
« on: June 30, 2011, 11:31:38 PM »
Hi. First of all, congratulations on your superb software. My primary use of Photoscan is for modeling game assets, along with other tools for refining and poly reduction.

Would it be straightforward to add some sort of voxel exporting capability so I can send the results straight to 3d-Coat's voxel modeler? Now I have to wait for 3d-coat to calculate the density function of the exported mesh, and it takes quite a lot of time for some objects. If Photoscan would export the results to voxels, it could also be useful as, for example, an aid to medical imaging and volume reconstruction tools.

Could you please consider adding this function if at all possible?

That would make the application even more useful for me and for others who may use it for asset production using 3d-coat or other voxel modeling tools.

Thanks and keep up our great work.