Author Topic: The 4GB file size limit?!?! SAving project, dense cloud and mesh completely lost  (Read 6028 times)


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Hello, since I did not find a similar subject here in the forum, I decided to create this topic.

I'm working on a quite large project, at least for my PC setup (see details in third attachment). Some numbers about my project values (also as attached screen-shot):
  • cams (1.637)
  • dense cloud (552.486.618)
  • mesh (110.039.989)

My first problem:

1. when exporting an ortho photo for several hours I get the error 'CANNOT EXPORT ORTHO' (or something similar).  After several tries and some variations, I concluded - OK, the project is to big for my PC memory or something like that.

2. But when I saved the project (without any error indication!!!) and reopened it, the complete dense cloud and mesh was gone. (I was getting crazy, since it took me two weeks to calculate them chunk by chunk).

When I looked at my project folder I discovered a similarity to all of these files: the where all not bigger than 4 GB (see 2nd attachment).


So, while the project was in the memory of the pc (32GB + what windows uses on disc, which should be other 32GB), everything was running correctly. BUT, when saving the project to disc, apparently the limit of 4GB cannot be trespassed. ?!?!?!?

Is this a problem of my PC setup, or is this some bug of Photoscan?

Please help me on this one... I'm really frustrated just now!!! How can I avoid this type of catastrophic results?!


PS: I'm surely using the 64bit Photoscan version.
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Well, I have it!

All the time thinking about where the 4GB, corresponding to a 32bit system limitation, could come from. At the end it was what I less expected it to be: the st*p*d HDD is formated with FAT32! Oh, man, that is really a stupid error.  Why would windows format it in FAT32 and not NTFS....

Well... that was it....


@Agisoft Team: I know this might not be so urgently, but is there the possibility to build in a warning in your software, that the user is about to save data to a 32bit file system, so that limitation will be very probable.

Alexey Pasumansky

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Hello Patribu,

Sorry that you've lost the results of such a long processing. We'll try to add warning messages in future releases for similar cases.
Best regards,
Alexey Pasumansky,
Agisoft LLC