Author Topic: UI super slow when viewing detailed shaded masks  (Read 4641 times)


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UI super slow when viewing detailed shaded masks
« on: May 06, 2014, 10:46:02 AM »
Ok, maybe not exactly a bug, but this seemed like the best place to ask about an issue.

In the MacOS version, if I import a set of masks that have a some noisy areas, the UI gets super slow when displaying those masks and trying to edit them further. I've been creating the masks through some keyer tools in Nuke, and they aren't always super clean extractions, resulting in visual noise in the form of lots of little white pixels scattered about it some areas.

Once I clean up the noise a bit, the UI gets much faster and responsive. So the basic idea of a lot of highly detailed outlines in the overlay is very bad news for interactivity.

Is there a way that Photoscan is drawing the overlay for the mask outlines in the UI that has some issues when trying to draw a LOT of them? I can push around millions of polygons without a problem, but a bunch of 2D outlines is a major slowdown.

It reminds me of an old issue we had on SGI machines, push a bit too much into the UI overlay graphics on the machine, and it would grind to a crawl...which otherwise was quite responsive for its time.

Anyway, just wondering if there was a way to fix that issue, because it really makes it hard to use the software in this case.

thanks! -Chad