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Newbie intro
« on: May 31, 2014, 08:35:09 AM »
Hi all

I know I've posted a bit here already but I figured I may as well introduce myself since I'll back hanging around for a while as I learn more.
I'm the Tech Support Officer for a digitisation service in a uni library ( While we don't provide a 3D scanning service as such, we do have some equipment to help other departments try stuff out and pass on what we've learnt to help them get their projects up and running faster. So far this has included fields such as archaeology, art (mostly sculpting students) and medicine.

I'm a scientific photographer by qualification, and have been working with spherical panoramas since they were only cylindrical.  One of the great challenges with working in a uni is that no single research group wants to spend a lot of money on scanning equipment and the politics and bureaucracy of sharing means joint purchases are "unusual".

I've been using Photoscan (standard) for a few months, and have also used some of the early stuctured light scanners (cheap camera and projector, awful software), Autodesk's 123D Catch and we currently have a NextEngine with most of the bells and whistles. I've reached the stage where I'm producing some fairly good results thanks to the docs and tips in this forum, but I know i have a lot more to learn.  I tend to think out loud, and ramble a bit (can you tell?  ;)) but I find it's a useful way of sharing ideas. I have the occasional hair-brained idea so please fell free to correct me if my mouth is ahead of my brain.