Author Topic: Trouble aligning multispectral images  (Read 2324 times)


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Trouble aligning multispectral images
« on: August 12, 2014, 01:24:43 PM »
Hello Agisoft team and users.

Can I first say what an incredible piece of software PS is. I have put together some quite incredible images. However, I am working with what I suspect is a poor set of photos and need some advice on getting them to align.

We're using a UAV to take multispectral images with the Tetracam MCA. But I am having a nightmare getting the photos to align (see attachment 1)
The photos are multi-tiff at 1280x1024, I am aligning with medium accuracy, generic pair preselection and 40,000 point limit. I have tried lots of different settings but no joy. I have tried removing obviously wrong photos but I've only got 93/438 aligned to start with so missing lots of the field. The images are not georeferenced, and I have no GCPs (will do going forward)

I tried the recommendations given here: (are they still necessary?) but no joy, with only 47/438 aligned (see attachment 2)

I have read lots over the last few days about the MCA, and rolling shutters and the like, but would very much appreciate your advice on 1) what you think may be causing the problem, and 2) what I can do to fix the set of images I already have (if at all possible)

Many thanks